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Comedy Magician, Arthur Atsma

"Amazing, Extraordinary, Funny, Very Entertaining!" ... are just a few words to describe the amazing magical entertainment of comedy magician Arthur Atsma.

Weaving cutting edge, fast paced, astonishing sleight of hand magic tricks, and mentalism, comedy magician Arthur Atsma has been providing the feature entertainment for corporate events, festivals, trade shows, holiday parties, hospitality suites, and private events across the nation for the last twenty years.

Tricks with cards, coins, borrowed watches, and rings highlight a performance that is filled with audience participation, and true entertainment. Coins vanish and reappear, a comedy of errors occurs with an audience members watch (only to magically come back together in an impossible place) bottles appear out of nowhere, and (if permissible) fire is eaten like a snack! Amazing magic for all!

Performing the impossible; corporate comedy magician Arthur Atsma reveals words merely thought of and his impossible predictions prove true. Arthur presents a demonstration of "mentalism" or "mind reading" that will have your group talking long after the show. Arthur performs these amazing magician feats using psychology, "sleight of mind", comedy, and mental misdirection. However it is done, it is astonishing, profound, and thought provoking.

Arthur's use of humor throughout every show is clean, quick, sophisticated, engaging, and non-offensive. Comedy occurs as a result of the situations which unfold during the course of each performance! Audience members are always involved, but never insulted or embarrassed. (well, not too bad anyway!)

As a close up or strolling magician, Arthur performs amazing magic tricks with smaller items, just inches away from your eyes. For hospitality suites, receptions, trade show booths, festivals, or during your holiday party, and private events, close up magic is very enjoyable and popular due to the attention it has received lately on television.

For trade shows, corporate promotional events, and conventions, Arthur will use your company slogans, products, and logos in a way that those attending will remember them with a very positive experience. As a natural crowd gatherer, Arthur will increase traffic to your trade show booth, and help promote your company slogans in a way that is amazingly magical, engaging, and fun.

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